USA Gold Production:
? Nanograms/s

Total Gold Mining Pot: ? TRX
(8% distributed daily)

Your gold mines produce ? Nanograms/s,
?% of the USA Production

In ??:??:??, you will earn approximately ? TRX
of today's ? TRX mining pot

Gold Deposit Bank
Pot: 0 TRX
00:00:00 left
Split between: 0
Your deposits: 0

Estimated earnings: ? TRX

Virtual Gold Mining Pool USA

Each of your gold mines will produce Nanograms of Gold for you every second. With Gold you can buy more mines or upgrade them in various ways to make them more efficient. Some of the upgrades will require TRX instead of Gold. The Gold mines upgrades formula works as follow:
(Base Production + Base Upgrades) x (100% + Percentage Upgrades)


Here you can buy units which can be used to attack other players and steal their Goo, or to defend your own factory from attackers. Your army's units are upgradable in a similar way to your production units.


Here you can attack other players. If the attack power of your units is higher than the defence power of your target, you can attack them and steal Goo equal to your army's Goo stealing capacity. If the defence of a target is higher than your attack power, the attack will fail. Each time you attack successfully, there is a cooldown of 30 minutes. If you fail an attack, the cooldown is 10 minutes. While the cooldown is active, your defense is also halved.

You're able to attack!

Your army currently has

0 Attack Power
0 Defense Power
0 Goo Stealing Capacity
    Lower DEF only

Your battle log:



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